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We offer quality credit repair services, and for the community with a reasonable solution -- you pay after we perform succesfully!

Star, work some more on do credit repair companies actually work the next time you update this page. People want to know fast credit repair tips and we provide that to them as experts in this industry. Since our best customers are searching for what is a good credit repair company, we want it to be crystal clear why we're the cheapest credit repair service available.
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About Us

We have become famous as experts when it comes to fixing the little things that make a big difference with your final credit report. For years, friends and family requested results and after bringing them for many, we decided to combine our efforts and offer our quality credit repair services as a type of credit report repair agency. From our first call, you will know the difference. How could it be that we have grown by 500% all in the span of 12 months?

Credit Report Repair Hotline

Our team is focused on customer satisfaction so that is why we have expanded our capabilities to offer a hotline to answer your questions risk-free. For no obligation, you can call our credit report repair hotline number and speak with a team member that will take you by the hand to understand the process and how to get started.

  • Phone: +1-816-608-4944

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Credit Repair Services

We're here to serve you the best we can, and that's why we provide reliant credit repair solutions so that you don't have to worry about the status of results. From our first call, you will learn how we work and be able to confirm (or deny) the credit repair forum postings about us you find online.

Credit Repair Magic

Abracadabra your credit report with a once-over from our team of experts.

Rush Credit Repair

We're ready to help you right now. When you're in a rush to get started and start getting results, contact us.

American Credit Repair

Unlike other credit repair companies, you will be speaking with an American to help you throughout the process.

Hidden Credit Repair Secrets

There are tips that experts doing credit repair all day know that others don't know.

Credit Repair Resources

We have resources at our command, and really all it takes to activate is a phone call.

Consultancy and Support

As your credit repair consultant, our main objective is to protect you and bring you results.

Credit Repair Consultant Questions?

Each situation is a bit different, but for a no-obligation call for you, we're willing to help you out with an initial call for free and you can decide next steps.

Our Recent Wins

Credit scores are objective numbers which can be measured . What can be measured, can be managed. We're better operators at managing this type of process since we know what to do, what to look out for and how to do it without nightmares.

credit repair example of 4 Judgments deleted in 30-45 Days!

4 Judgments deleted in 30-45 Days with credit repairing!

credit repair example of 24 negative student loans deleted in 30-45 days

24 negative student loans deleted in 30-45 days for being inaccurate or incomplete

credit repair example that speak for themselves

10 of 19 items deleted permanantely from credit report

credit repair example showing all collections deleted in 30 days

All collections deleted within 30 days!

credit repair example showing 3 repos deleted from credit report

3 repos deleted from credit report!

credit repair example showing verifiable proof on creditkarma app

Results can be verified using third-party apps like CreditKarma

Get In Touch

We know you have questions as most people never think about the repairing process until it's needed in your life. So to assist you better, we've collected some of our common questions and listed them below.

You can call us whenever you're ready at (816) 608-4944.

How long does it take to repair credit?

This really depends as each situation is a bit different. Once dispute letters are sent or other methods are employed to build credit, results can be populated during the next query of your credit report.

How long does it take to repair bad credit?

Again, it varies by situation. For example, was the bad credit from one event (that we can dispute) or are there a handful of concerns? The reason we like to answer these during a phone call is because we can take a thorogh approach to uncover a roadmap for you, regardless if you have bad credit. Our team approaches each situation a bit differently, and with a helping hand, we can help you gain clarity before you choose to hire us.

How long does it take to repair credit score?

The main credit bureaus all work a bit differently, but repairing takes strategy on the frontend, and once the errors are corrected, the information populates in the bureaus' databases relatively quickly.


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